It’s like an overly presented piece of nonsense. You first find yourself walking into a room that has that late naughties black on grey flowery patterned wallpaper, that you immediately question, is it still in fashion, or has it been replaced by some pastel minimal nonsense? You almost feel like saying, “yes we get the picture, you’re cool, you’re retro, and you think that raising an eyebrow from across the room to the girl with the hot red dress is enough.” It’s not enough, in fact it’s never enough. The essence of cool and being cool has lost its clout. Men like me and my fellow gang members are in a constant battle with trying to appeal to the sexy, less crazy girls of this world. This breed of ultra female are few and far between, they more than likely don’t exist within the realms of the singleton. Nevertheless, keeping yourself on top form in order to appeal to these darling creatures, makes for a very difficult task, especially when you consider the impact of mans newest enemy. It destroys relationships yet has the power to build them and make them flourish with the beauty one would expect that charm, good looks and a thick wallet could muster. The craft will sap every ounce of cool out of your being and turn your brain in to a charmless bag of fleshy mush if not wielded with the most carefully guided precision. We all love this vile game, almost as much as we adore detesting it.

Love comes when the game stops; when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable.
Joyce Brothers

There are two types of girls, the ones that make you work for it, and the ones that give it up; more often than not the common misconception is that “it” is of course sex; the base males ultimate goal! However a recent trip to California soon put the “it” myth to bed. Over there they have embraced the empowerment of detaching oneself from the burden of giving “it” up, and now have sex as freely and willing, as any man would. California girls, we salute you! Being seen as “the man”, “the boss” or “the leader”, the coolest guy in town within the eyes of your target woman and being made to feel like you are the one and only man in their lovely little pink tinted lives, out weighs all the sex you could ever wish to get. Women it would appear, have used the game, implementing various degrees of distance and other smart little mind numbing tactics, to make you, the man, feel like you are not the man. Is it evil? Of course not, all of us men have been manipulating women guiding their cute little bodies in to our beds, using our lies and empty promises for centuries. Women have cleverly raised the bar. They have figured us out! The chase is now more difficult than ever, and why? Because we made it so. Had we stopped all the tricks, the lies and the manipulation we’d have never had to deal with the text message that ends without a question, or the first date that only lasts an hour and she only orders an orange juice! But all is not lost my dear fellow brothers of the penis. For we have something that they can not resist, as long as you harness this ultimate power at the begin of your first encounter, remain as one with it, then you will not fail. She will give it up quicker than you can undo her dress using your Omega Seamaster magnetized, for her pleasure.

A man of such obvious and exemplary charm must be a liar.
Anita Brookner

Charm in the hands of a man is deadly to a woman. It is a spell that is more powerful than a wallet full of cash, a handsome chiseled chin, the abs of Jesus or a basket full of puppy dogs. With charm you are the only man in the room, with enough charm you can be the only man in the world! But can it be taught? Many have tried and failed. The book by Neil Struss called rather aptly The Game, has come close, with rather interesting theories that mostly suggest that all women are dumb, and quite equally, so are the men! Apart from dear Neil of course, or Style as he rather homosexually calls himself.  Unfortunately a series of interesting subjects, flirtatious body language and silly over the top outfit decisions, does not make you charming. Confidence and being comfortable in your own skin, the love of social interactions is certainly a good start, and unfortunately also this is where the lesson finishes. For the laws and practices of the charming is a closely guarded secret, we cant let everyone get a shot at all the pretty girls now, can we.