The rich hate you even more than the poor; in fact we all despise you. Especially the people that never encounter your heartless selfish grip; evading and dodging, as best they can to avoid your attempts to take their hard earned cash. In vain, they hide their fortunes from you, as for the rest of us, we carry on accepting that you’re quite simply, a necessary evil. Nevertheless no doubt you haunt these evasive individuals most nights, presenting yourself as a dark ghastly figure in their nightmares, stalking them, waiting to pounce with your legal team of vulturous men in suits, wearing plastic smiles and machine precision haircuts.

George wrote Taxman, and I played guitar on it. He wrote it in anger at finding out what the taxman did. He had never known before then what could happen to your money.
Paul McCartney

Being the taxman must make for a pretty awful existence. If you happen to disagree then I advise that you build yourself a time machine and travel back to the village of Brentwood in Essex, year 1381, and go find yourself the local taxman; a most troubled fellow by the name of Thomas Bampton. One fine morning he put on his boots, kissed his wife, and marched out on to the mean medieval streets of Essex. Collecting the monies owned to the Crown was certainly a tough job at the best of times, however on this one particular morning, much to Thomas’ complete dismay, nobody wanted to cough up, and things got a little medieval, to say the least. Much to our heroes (or villains) unawares; he was going to kick start a chain of events, that would lead to the largest revolt that England had never seen before, or since, a revolution of the people!! Well, sort of.

It is not actual suffering but the taste of better things which excites people to revolt.
Eric Hoffer

The Peasants Revolt  Lasted for about a week and although didn’t really do anything, many historians consider it as being one of the many milestones in ending Serfdom. Achieving nothing from protesting has been a recognised fact of the commoners life for well over 500 years. The everyday man back then, much like the present mans voices, would only ever appear to be heard if violence on mass was wielded. Today we are very cleverly encouraged that in order to make a change, you head down to B&Q, get yourself a 2×6 block of wood, some cardboard, magic markers and focus all that built up suppressed peasant rage directly into colouring in said board then, waving your anti something or other sign around like a chimp, shouting some pointless nonsense at a double locked thick black shinny door, that’s not listening.
We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.
George Orwell
Violence has unfortunately been the rough and ready hands, that molded our world in to what it is today. Ever since the beginning of us being able to pick up sticks. Every successful revolution has been caused by violent men prepared to do all that it takes to change the lives of the people. To act, to do all that it takes; these phases are mere empty shells of English prose that now come at the price of judgment, by non other than people that long for change the most, the hippies. The most recent mass protests led by said group of drum circling, tree hugging mother buggers, was the Occupied Movement, which unfortunately, was an epic failure.
Viewed by many as an eyesore led by the crazy conspiracy theorist, that still think the Moon is made of cheese and that 911 was organised by a government that couldn’t even tie a shoelace, let alone hijack a 747! If history has taught us one thing, its that in order for real change to happen, the people must want it so bad, that they are prepared to do the unthinkable. This is known all to well by the men that pay other men to shine their shoes, for the right of free speech is an extremely clever device. Instead of a gun you have a board, that takes two hands to hold, and you can shout and scream and thrush the thing around in the air until, finally you run out of steam, realising that they’re not listening, and that you’re missing the Xfactor. The protest ironically should be protested, to have it banned. That way we shall separate the doers from the busy bodies, the geeks from the revolutionaries, and finally people will start to actually get mad.

Protesters have already raised $300K and pulled in support from all over the world; they’ve finally started earning some respect from Wall Street and, just when you thought they were a bunch of unkempt hippies… a free shoe shine booth pops in the middle of everything. Unknown Protester

Who doesn’t love camping out and singing songs? Never has there been such a massive camp out, as Occupy. It will more than likely be heralded as the biggest camping session in the world record books! But in all seriousness, had this Occupy Movement gotten ugly, all the major cities would have been plagued with riots; pointless violence with no real end goal other than tarnishing the revolutionaries as hooligans. Due to the leaderless model of this particular protest, things started quickly and got disorganised.

Although I actually agree with all of the occupiers points, what would have happened if they were successful, and how would have they managed this success? Was there a model in place, waiting in the wings to replace capitalism, was that even the ultimate goal? I can’t help but feel that the protesters didn’t really have a goal, they simply wanted to get all angry at a system that works extremely well for a large percentage of people, most of the protesters were able to protest as they had come from privileged backgrounds, while the rest of us had to gruel out our 9 to 5, and don’t actually have the time to protest, mostly due to being too busy spending all our dirty money on consumer goods we don’t need, but my god do they make us happy! This is very selfless of these apparent protesters, to speak on our behalf, but in all honesty, the whole affair can be summed up by a very simple phrase a master Jedi once uttered to his young apprentice, a long time ago in a Galaxy, far far away..

It’s not the fool whose the fool. It’s the fool that follows him.

Obi Wan Kenbi