Despite its ridiculous business decision to sell its main competitors key device that shall very much cause its eventual downfall, Waterstones book shop has always proven to be a wonderfully stolen little break, from my dull day to day meandering. You will often find me there, thanks to miss-judging of timetables or my overly keen assurance that to travel anywhere in London needs at least two hours between any two points. This does of course work in my favour as now all of my friends humble me with compliments on my exceptional time keeping. In these stolen moments, the many shelves of the book shop are browsed, inspiration for various subject matter for my writing’s are normally born here, or even, I hope, that maybe, I shall find a back of book prose to be lost in for a few moments, only then to consult my Amazon iphone App and have it ordered for a fraction of the price, thus performing high street sacrilege! However my personal library (see photo) is unlikely to be built on three for two offers at £8.99 per book! When here; my nostrils absorb that sweet book pulp aroma, I am always drawn to a particular section of the shop where other lost and hopeless souls dwell. I never buy a book from this section as I am convinced that the words I’ll find within the pages are in fact written from people that prey on the hopeful, in order to make themselves a quick and thoughtful buck, the victims are however the spirited individuals that seek nothing more than guidance and answers, when life seems to take a turn for the worse.

I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where’s the self-help section?” She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.
George Carlin

The very essence of helping one’s self is destroyed in the irony that the proclaimed services that these books in fact claim to offer you. Self help is exactly that, and it doesn’t take some washed up, no longer on television type to tell you that you need to find happiness in friends, family or your pet bunny rabbit Rupert. People are completely in charge of their own happiness and rather reluctantly, in some cases are the product of their own choices. Phrases like, “how did I ever allow this to happen” or “how could I not have seen this coming?” present the case that ignorance is in fact not bliss, because like it or not, life, the Universe and Karma are all predators, and they’re relentless. There is only one thing that is certain in life, it’s a glum consideration and we all avoid thinking about it, but what if today was the last day for you on earth, what would you do?

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
Mark Twain

When you really live your life like every day is your last, or as many of you now, as you read will play out such a scenario in your mind, all of the most important elements of your life will come to the forefront and become clear to you. Family, you will want to be with them and perhaps express how you feel about each member individually and how thankful you are that the hand of fate decided that that inspiring lady, that offers you unconditional love is in fact blessed to be your mother. Love of a partner, fate doesn’t hold a photograph of this person, more a blue print of who they are, you know this design all too well as it is who you’ve dreamt about most of your life. They may already play a key part in your hearts ensemble, and for that I am envious, nevertheless know that these people like family are not to be taken for granted, and certainly if tomorrow was your very last day here, what would you tell them? It is in fairness an extremely harrowing thought, that death is a part of life, but even still, something that is so tremendously viewed as being negative can in fact, if you allow it, inspire, and might even liberate you from yourself.