fashion60sPeople are always being subjected to the observations of others. A conversation no doubt that most of us are all too familiar, as we certainly bring it up in the realms of first date trying to find conversation subject matter territory, whereby we declare ourselves the people watchers, together casting our exquisite and utter unique interpretation of strangers fashionable expression of their personalities and musical allegiances. As soulless and empty as the many people who tend to discuss such trivial matters on a regular basis, they will often tell you that fashion is, for the dull. The people that don’t really have too much to say in other fields and are often laughed at by the stuck up self proclaimed intellectuals, that are foolish enough to pay the £6 per week subscription costs simply to read a regurgitated news feed, courtesy of that lovely chap that enjoys nothing more than to tap your phone-line just to find out what colour knickers you might have picked out for yourself today, if any at all! Confirmatory is very much the easy cop-out when we consider our day to day appearances, usually we relate the fashions of others to their musical taste, which is a very simple way of viewing and judging individuals, however there is a deeper and far more interesting root cause for the reasons that fashion is in-fact, at the forefront of all of our personalities.

Fashion is always of the time in which you live. It is not something standing alone. But the grand problem, the most important problem, is to rejuvenate women. To make women look young. Then their outlook changes. They feel more joyous. Coco Chanel

yellow dressInterlocked with the seasons, clothing fashion changes to suit the climate and essentially the up market designers or fashion trend setters that encourage the rest of the market to follow their lead, this is really only in the case of high fashion, where people with that level of personal wealth can spend it on things that they wear. This certainly puts peoples personalities into all sorts of different categories. So integrate are they that this post would end up becoming a thesis if I attempted to list each and every way, however I am going to try and set it out in a bite size introductory chunk of a paragraph (as I’m certainly not going anywhere for a few minutes). Starting at the root or base of fashion/personality expression there is of course sex. Now I am not taking about that thing you do around Christmas time when the wine is flowing, I am of course talking about gender. When welcoming a new born baby into the world the colours pink, blue and yellow are the three options that are always associated with picking out a cute little outfit for the heir to the kingdom to prance about in, as they are passed from one adoring aunt to another. Blue is of course for the boy, pink for the girl and yellow if the parents enjoy surprises! This of course carries on into adult life, so male readers be sure to be cautious of the lady in the yellow dress! We often hear how colour is used to express our feelings and certainly when married up to fashion, visually we automatically gauge whom it is that we are looking at, but the fact that we are looking, is the visual interruption of what it is that they want you to gauge, and that is the point where this post begins to get intense, for if it were not for the observer, these strangers would never have even bothered to have gotten dressed at all.

The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself. Bertrand Russell

EyeOne of the most important elements in Physics experimentation is the observer. The observer can decide all conditions to which the experiment takes place and thus has a huge influence on the experiments outcome. There is one particular experiment that certainly from a philosophical view puts science, philosophy and certainly in some peoples perspective cases, religion together in a realm of unquestionable significance. The Most beautiful experiment in Quantum physics informs us that a system exists in super-positioning, that is in all possible states, until we observe it, is only in one specific state. This simple experiment is one that elegantly demonstrates how observation affects quantum systems; Ladies and Gentlemen The double slit experiment. The double slit sets aside causality, determinism, and the notion that reality exists, as it blurs the line between the observer and the system being observed.

doubleslitexperimentIn the double slit experiment, a series of single photons or electrons, are fired at a solid plate that has two slits. On the other side of the solid plate, a photographic plate is set up to record what comes through those slits. If one neglects to observe which slit a particle passes through, it appears to interfere with itself, suggesting that it behaves as a wave by traveling through both slits at once. However, if one chooses to observe the slits, the interference pattern mysteriously disappears, and each photon travels through only one of the slits. The formation of the interference pattern requires the existence of two slits. Nevertheless how can a single particle pass through two slits simultaneously? At that point, we are forced to consider each particle as a wave that travels through both slits, or we have to think of the particle as splitting and going through each slit separately, and wondering how the particle “knows” a pair of slits is coming. The only solution is to abandon the idea of a particle, or any other quantum system, as having a location in space-time until it is observed. Nevertheless the very element that matter behaves when it is observed by us, from as small as the atomic level, is simply too significant for people not to feel a sense of utter wonderment and ultimate significance.

If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Niels Bohr

Particles know that we are watching them, but how? This raises a very interesting puzzle as it significantly means that we, as observers, have a rather important part to play in reality and the Universe, and this experiment is simply the start of a new type of Spiritual Science that in time, will introduce us all to a new form of thinking. Mathematics, Science, Spirituality and Philosophy have for the last 500 years been separate from one another, yet here we find ourselves with a union, and if each decide to listen to one another, an exciting time of discovery awaits, all we have to do, is quite simply, open our eyes.