humanCome and lets think, together for a moment, lets ponder ourselves, simply because we can; the most successful species to have ever been given the opportunity to exist on this, the gem of the Sol System, the planet Earth. That we from a conscious perspective, conveniently are lucky enough to have our atomic arrangement so, that it makes us Human. Regrettably by most, it’s a coincidence that is never truly pondered, yet by all of the millions of life forms, your consciousness, just so happens to reside deep within the mysterious mind of a person, you call yourself. When you recall a memory of someone since gone or missed, and you see that last moment that you spent together in your mind, who do you think it is that is watching? Life is by far one of the most exciting experiences yet discovered within the universe. However within a life there is a moment, a brief section that we all miss and many long for, yet each have lived. It is so important that if we ever learn anything from the average life that we each lead, it is to pass on the importance of that long cherished yet beautifully brief moment many of us, including myself, miss more than anything I have ever been lucky enough to experience.

Creativity is not merely the innocent spontaneity of our youth and childhood; it must also be married to the passion of the adult human being, which is a passion to live beyond one’s death.
Rollo May

man toysIts a world of endless fun and opportunity, no wonder many men including myself and dearest friends, find it so very hard to part from such a carefree abandonment of inhibition, certainly in a world where the pressures of being serious is the only way to be deemed as being considered responsible. Any opportunity to revisit such a place of utter joy and ease is almost always taken up by those who lack the fear of judgment, for it is that dark cloud of behavioral “finger wagging” that holds everyone back, from just simply dusting off their old toys and letting their starved imagination take flight back to our childhoods. Often I am found in conversations with people who feel that something is missing from their lives, that they are no longer who they used to be, or feel that a part of them abandoned them years ago, and that now they spend nights at a loss, weekends drift ideally by with no real moment of seized opportunity taken, as they feel that none had even presented itself. Nevertheless we all have one element that at surface inspection is always deemed an enemy; the candle to which we burn, that if truly appreciated will indeed give us all that we need of it, to do the things we have always dreamt of doing.

Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.
M. Scott Peck

giant presentSay what you will of men, they are often found to be children at the best of times and I, simply for being one am actually extremely proud of this fact. Men fill their time doing things that they pretty much did aged ten, just the other day for example I built a 16/1 scale model of my motorbike, which much to my joy my brother Steven brought for me as birthday present. Before I even opened it, I loved it as it came in a box, because as all boys know.. “a present in a box always means something cool!” So cool in fact that you can either; take whatever is inside apart, put it together, race it around a room, fly it around a room, get your friends involved, blast it into the sky, hit it or kick it. All of which I might add are extremely fun things to do. Men don’t grow up, this is a fact, business is quite simply one giant train set, and believe me this is how most men view it. I know that some women do feel the exact same way but having being a man of course, I can only really talk from my own perspective. Accepting ones inner child has its problems as most people are afraid of how people will react to such childish behavior from an adult. However I don’t regard the ones that cast such opinions to be worthy of my upset, I see these types on a daily basis, most regard me a fool or a clown, yet it is I that pities them, for what is the point in living, if you cant feel alive?