BehindTheSunCoverI often find myself in a state of transfixation*, a clear crisp blue sky morning is the backdrop, and with envious eyes I watch the many planes that fly high above my head and I wonder to myself where these might be going? I am insanely jealous of the adventures each of the passengers has in-store; some might be off to visit businesses in order to bring in deals that they have been working on for a time, others could simply be going home to visit those long missed loved ones that they have not seen in years, where the excitement of such a reunion is an experience all in itself, whereby it’s to much to bare and the flight seems to last a lifetime, and others could be heading to the promise of high adventure, unaware of the epic romances that await! Whenever fortunate enough to find myself in their position, I always feel at my most relaxed. My all time favorite album, Behind The Sun by Chicane dominates my plane iTunes playlist, which coincidentally features a commercial jet on the front cover. I can’t describe to you why this album stands out the most from so many others that I love, well, apart from the fact that its peacefully pensive tunes sing to my hungry soul a melody so beautiful it offers up my mind thoughts of the unknown future and all the possibilities that lay in waiting.. okay maybe I can describe why. Nevertheless as sure as each day is a constant where choices will be made, as little and irrelevant as they may seem, life changing potential resides within each choice, the promise of an unknown fate.
Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart. Marcus Aurelius
man aloneNegotiating  around a busy mind is the same as navigating a busy metropolis high street, on the first Saturday of January; you almost always end up lost, caught up in a sort of mish-mash of bored males and highly focused determined lioness-like females, an almost perfect comparison of those eager thoughts with clear goals and those other ones that say “just stay at home and watch telly”. Battling with thoughts of laze have been a very prominent challenge of mine for longer than I can remember, as staying in and being a recluse comes easy to me (perhaps that is why I write so often?) I find my own company, the best company, at the best of times. However I am fully aware that sitting on my reluctant arse is no way of obtaining high adventure, and romance certainly isn’t exactly going to find me in my bedroom, writing, reading (and other things that if stated will make my keyboard coil at the graphic description!) Routine as discussed in my previous post, at surface inspection, doesn’t really fill ones heart with the expectation of unknown adventure, however a routine can be as interesting as you want it to be, to explain; it could be that every first Friday of the month, you and your friends visit a different cocktail bar, with the aim of trying at least two new cocktails, there, you catch up with each others weeks, and you get the chance to unwind in a different environment, tasting something different, and surrounded by different strangers. By being open to possibilities, can only invite them in.
We all have possibilities we don’t know about. We can do things we don’t even dream we can do. Dale Carnegie
how-to-break-through-fear-and-self-doubtThe hindrance of self doubt is one of the biggest restricting elements of a persons choice when dealing with the many antagonists a life such as ours presents. They come in many forms, not just bullies or bosses, but also mountains and tasks, some that experienced people in various fields could laugh at ignorantly unaware, that such challenges faced them, when they too had little to no experience. People are able to do everything and anything, that they wish to do. In the respect of doing anything, what makes the majority of us different is the way in which we learn to do things, people will always say that it is you that holds yourself back from doing the things that you want to do. This is true but again only at the surface level. Impatience, self doubt and the fact that most are happy to just sit and do nothing, is all that really holds us back from doing what we all truly want, and it is overcoming these three core deep rooted, easy to access, and give into feelings, that is really the biggest challenge that prevents you from being caught in my glare, aboard that plane, seeking your own adventure. Fear of new frontiers hold a lot of us back, myself included, breaking away from that tradition of wanting an easy life is hard, but once done, you’ll soon become all of the things you dreamt you could be, and more.

*Transfixedation – this is a new word that I’ve just made up, it means when caught in awe of something for a prolonged period that leaves you stationary