tate modernYou cant help but have a feeling of overwhelmed disgust, for all the talented artists that come in and out of our lives, who are clearly worthy of the space on the wall at the Tate Modern, instead you find  a plain canvas with a slice running through the centre, and this is to be interrupted as an expression of the divide in society? The majority of the utter cack, that they display clearly indicates that by merely lifting your arm, could in fact be you performing a form of artistic expression, depending of course which non-glasses needed (yet wearing), ass-like individual, that closes their eyes when explaining how extremely in touch the artist was when he decided to pick up the knife and pierce it directly into the canvas, highlighting how poignant that the fabric being cut is in fact, canvas, as we all know very well that our first society was a collection of tents?! The raised arm however is a protesting rebellious movement that says “I was always told it was caves”. Nevertheless a regurgitated viewpoint they have decided to take, merely because their much more connected friend had said the same, whose opinion, on such skill, is only really comparable to the ridiculousness of this entire opening paragraph (retrospective). Art at this level is no longer about creativity, it’s about can, and making bucket loads of cash! If you can do it, and chose to do it before everyone else – then congratulations you’re an artist, and if people with zero imagination copy your framework; for example they move their lower leg instead of their arm, it’s a movement (literally). Art is a very easy subject to poke fun at, it is however one of the fast evolving, and as such appears to be heading to a certain point, where there is no other choice, but to become ironic.
Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.
Pablo  Picasso
Nuclear_destruction_of_NYC_616Notably Art has always been about taking something or a mixture of materials and manipulating it into something else, that has a different meaning than that of what it had in its previous form, nevertheless artistic credibility through means of igniting chaos, purely for the purpose of exactly that, we now find that destruction and chaotic insanity is indeed, a form of expression. These new wave artists (or destructive sorcerers of chaos) currently dominate the media, fuelling our paranoid fears, they are perhaps in the last ten years considered by all world governments the most dangerous menace to our jewel of society, that has ever existed. Simply with a slight push of a button they could end everything, as we know it.
I  don’t hate technology, I don’t hate hackers, because that’s just what comes with  it, without those hackers we wouldn’t solve the problems we need to solve,  especially security. Fred Durst
hackers_02Many of them, if not all, are bored genii, they never joined in with the rest of us and our sheep like interests, for the mundane lives of people is a dull existence, there is certainly far more fun in bringing a bank to its knees or crashing every till in all of the supermarkets around the world. Perhaps their actions of chaos are that caused by resentment that the genes didn’t configure in the same way the rest of ours did, that ultimately made us all complete bores – and toilet bowl water if ingested through hair folicals actually makes you smarter, well it certainly would make you angrier! Computer hackers are utilising there epic brains to quite simply, incite revenge; and to be completely honest, I don’t blame them. Yet this artistic menace will be the first port of call when things really do start to hit fan. When the people that ignored them, picked them last in the football team, or said no to them at the school dance, will call them up to save us all from a digital meltdown, completely giving the hackers the last laugh when they turn around to them and simple say “go fuck yourselves” and for that reason hackers, I salute you.