CrowdAnything is possible and here you realise that with a single thought you can materialise into being whatever your imagination, has the creative clout to muster! Triggered by various positive energies such as life’s aims coming into alinement. Your subconscious rewards you with a moment, that when subjected; fills you with all the joys that only ultimate freedom could ever give you. Together in our waking life we all share the bonds of invisible forces that keep our feet firmly planted to this rugged rock, of stone and mud. Time continues to move forward and everything is definitely, real. However, in that other magical place, your feet can leave the ground with a simple, willful gesture, that is of course providing that you’re not distracted, by somebody else, simply trying to say hello.

Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you. Marsha Norman
Man sleepingI appear to be dreaming less and less as I get older. Yet, when I am lucky enough to experience this other worldly indulgence, it is almost always of late, a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when you become aware within your dream that you are in fact asleep. Normally when a person experiences this, they wake almost instantaneously. Nevertheless, there are those other times; where upon the realisation of which will take you off from the ground, sweeping under bridges, racing up the sides of buildings and buzzing radio towers! Everything and anything is possible, a virtual reality indulgence that doesn’t cause carpool tunnel syndrome on your wrists, or turn you seriously anti social. It is a highly powerful experience, that is easier to achieve, than you might think.

Swift, penetrating silence fills the room, like the dissonant hush heard when falling through the sheets into a lucid dream where even then, absolute control is a fantasy. Kathleen Shayna

waking lifeA few years ago I was introduced to a rather excellent documentary. The film was focused on a main character that attempts to navigate his way through a world that he is finding hard to justify as being real. He eventually decides that he is in fact dreaming, and each person that he meets takes him further down the rabbit hole of that dream, leading ultimately to what it means to experience such a thing. In one particular encounter the protagonist meets a man that explains how lucid dreaming is archived. “When we dream, we have no concept of time, thus if you look at a clock or digital display, the numbers are in fact jumbled, as are the words in books or on newspapers fall off. Another trick is to press a light switch, as in dreamland light delays for some time, so let these triggers happen, and realise you’re dreaming, when you do finally relax, the fun begins!” However, if your home is one that resides in the 21st century, chances are you’ve already used to the delay that is caused by energy saving lightbulbs. Enter Dream Nova! This product was sold in the US during the mid 90’s for over $1000 each! Worn when sleeping, the device blasts flashing red lights directly into your retinas during REM (rapid eye moment) alerting you when experiencing a dream that you are in fact, in a dream, thus making you able to experience a lucid dream. Do they work? If they did, I imagine that the popularity due from all the word of mouth would have made this device, as popular as the ipod. Lucid dreaming is heavily regarded as a skill, that it can be developed like most skills, through practice. Inexperienced lucid dreamers often report that when flying, they can only fly a few feet, or find it extremely difficult to make things materialise, these are common problems that all beginners face, as its your mind refusing to believe that what you’re doing is possible. The best way to think about this is to refer back to that other awesome film and its two god awful sequels. There is no spoon!
I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each others dreams, we can play together all night. Bill Watterson
Gravity is very much a part of knowing that the world in which we are all awake in, or the waking life, is in fact our reality. In lucid dreamer talk, this is called a dream sign. For example if you think that there is a chance that the reality that you’re currently experiencing, might be a dream; jump as hard and as high as you can, and see what happens. In reality this wont be very far. However, in the dream world anything could happen when you perform this action. Every veteran lucid dreamer will have different triggers or dream signs. Personally, mine is my Grandmother. I dream about her all of the time, she’s normally always asking me to shine my shoes before I go to work, or explaining how shes really proud of the men that my brother and I have become. My Grandmother died in 1995 and I know that when ever I see her, I’m dreaming. so after a telling off from her I explore my grandmother’s house, a perfectly rendered home, even Brandy her dog is there, excited as always to have company. I know that I should be flying around at this point, taking full advantage of my lucid experience, but all I can do is look at my grandmother, and tell her how much I miss her. Now, isn’t that worth the effort?