angry teenagerThere is nothing worse than not having your voice heard. Ask any intelligent teenager that is unfortunate enough to be born into a family of imbeciles that, by simply not being an idiot you’re ironically branded as one? This is a highly frustrating place to find oneself however; as the teenager comes of age, he learns that actually, he was the idiot all along. Those terrible fits of spoilt rage were often expelled without a thought of reason or consequence. It is this ability to judge actions that ultimately separates the intelligent by the dumb; the selfish from the generous, and of course the boy from the man.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
William Shakespeare

joffreyCharacters of boy kings can be found in literature throughout the centuries. They’re normally stereotyped as the overzealous tyrant; always “the shouter of a little shit”, hell bent on proving to his doubtful people and enemy kingdoms that he is indeed worthy of their respect as a supreme leader, and should command every ounce of it! This gaining of respect is executed with various degrees of ferocity; executions of the disagreeing royal advisers is a popular plot point, you’ll find them around chapter 18 being highly surprised that the King would ever do such a thing! An unlucky outspoken fellow, tends to fashion a hearty beard, and notably due to the friendship that this adviser had with the young kings father as they are about the same age, this ‘would be’ father figure to the orphan king, finds his head swiftly removed! Our young monarch sprog however, orders his head along with his Uncle Gerald’s to be delivered on spikes no later than afternoon archery class. With this overwhelming abundance of naive paranoia, the young king destroys his kingdom from within. Command after command of poor thoughtless judgements. Thankfully in the real world, we are rarely plagued by these shits, yet regrettably, through rite of passage and heir, the Western World has one such nemesis; a highly dangerous enemy, that unfortunately for us, commands the third largest army in the world.

We have it. The smoking gun. The evidence. The potential weapon of mass destruction we have been looking for as our pretext of invading Iraq. There’s just one problem – it’s in North Korea. Jon Stewart

KimJongUnBeing “born of heaven” can certainly have its perks, especially if you happen to be the second child of a dynasty that is all together ridiculous. In early 2012 you should have been turning 27, but instead you’ve aged three years due to the fact that, with you now turning 30, your dead Dad is also turning 70 and even deader Grandfather turning 100! Together this coincidence would make for an amazing news story, wouldn’t it? Well, it would if you happen to be in charge of a country where you, your father and grandfather, are the central idols worshiped in the personality cult driven ideology that is that of a nation spiraling helplessly out of control, an economy where a cartoon of eggs would cost you £276.54p. The Earth is infertile and you, new boy leader, are as fat as a man that eats up his own daily servings of bullshit propaganda, creating a pudding like face that would put to envious shame both David Cameron and Jamie Oliver. North Korea’s newest gift from the heavens Kim Jong Un has made a terrible mistake. Not for that of one that will cause an invasion on his flea riddled soil, but that of anger from within. Once the aid stops, and it will the people of North Korea will start to see through the elaborate mask of cult; for there is one force that blesses all human beings, we may not use it as often as we should, but all it takes is for there to be a reason to call upon it. Regrettably that reason is always death and no matter what your religious or moral standpoint is, with unjust death, riding slowly behind him is that awesome might of wrath.

On wrongs swift vengeance waits.
Alexander Pope

In the wake of the North Korean nuclear test, we, as other fellow citizens of the Earth, shouldn’t worry. When a group of people loose loved ones from that of the failings of their government, not a lot gets done about it. However, when you look at the Russian Revolution, the people were so starving that brothers and sisters were starting to die, and the only direction they could expel their blame was towards that of the frame work that governed them. If all of the aid that counties of the world give North Korea stops, they will have a revolution on their hands, regardless of the cult that surrounds their dear leaders family. People are remarkably good at getting angry, and this boy king was a fool for ever thinking or allowing such a test to take place, for as all good, experienced men of the world know; actions will always result in consequences.