buddha111My fascination with Buddhist philosophy started with the common teenage misconception that all Buddhists possessed exponential marshal art fighting powers, and that knowledge of their secret teachings would make me the ultimate bad ass! Of course, as I began to look into it, with my lunch time expeditions to the school library, built partly on fascination and the other half on that of being a member of the book club, you’re able to jump the lunch time queue. What I actually discovered, was not that of how utilizing some secret mystical energy you can throw a man that’s 6 foot 3 when you’re a mere 5 foot 10 I am now actually 6 foot 1 in my favorite pair of shoes but a way in which that as a people, we can live in complete, worry free harmony. The more I read, the more this way of life appealed! But there was one particular aspect that struck a chord with me. It was a very simple message, one that only upon recently I have truly been able to put into practice, and my life as a result, shall never be the same again.

The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office. Robert Frost

Brokers-in-Barclays-Tower-001Living in London, I’m used to seeing a vast amount of people on a daily basis. My office where I currently work is a dull yet fast past environment, one that you would certainly expect for a publishers! Everyone wants you to do this or they want you to do that, they want you to run faster than a speeding bullet to catch the deadline, make the money and then next month its the same all over again! Chasing the pound this way has been my main source of income for the last 10 years and it is a way of life I despise more than I could ever wish to express to anyone dear enough to me to read this rant of a post or even sentence! When escaping from the bounds of our 9 to 5’s ironically, and annoyingly, we find that within the 5’s to 9’s and weekends, we fill this free time with the vary services and products from companies to which we work. All of these industrialized entertainment giants waging war with one another to win your sweet favor, and ultimately the contents of your wallet! Which they in fact rewarded you with in the first place? The system is a well oiled and maintained machine, it goes round and round and everyone appears to be happy with this, yet our wages remain stagnant as their prices go up, generating more and more income for themselves, and when I say them, I mean those at the very top! Never more obvious is this issue than within the film industry.

No wonder the film industry started in the desert in California where, like all desert dwellers, they dream their buildings, rather than design them. Arthur Erickson

popcornAt the birth of agriculture some many thousand years or so ago, corn paved the way to a fresh abundance of food, allowing the vastly superior intellect of the human animals to focus on other thoughts, giving birth to philosophy and science, as supposed to concentrating every ounce of brain cells into discovering where the next meal was coming from. Corn, it would appear, has a lot to answer for. having been the most abundant food source on the planet and as incredibly diverse this fruit of the dirty is, in modern times it can be found on every continent and can grow in almost any climate. So this brings me to the question; why is it that such an abundant food source is heated up until it bursts, of which such a process barely even carries a price tag, yet in the cinema, a box of this popped corn costs an average of $8 or £5? Such an obvious display of greed, and now we are being lead to believe that such an outing is a premium experience? It costs one family around £50 to go and see the latest blockbuster. I can not understand how this is not justified considering how profitable the film industry is.Imagine for a moment how frequent you’d visit the cinema if a ticket was £3.50? Think of all the wonderfully obscure films you’d go and watch. Back in the day, I watched The Truman Show with little to any idea of how amazing that film would be, if it were to come out now, I might in the off chance catch it on DVD. Cinema and film industry people, whomever it is that decides a cinema ticket is £12 or even that popcorn is a £5. It’s fucking corn for crying out loud!! These people deserve to have the films they finance downloaded and stolen from them as they so aptly put it. These greedy fools are missing a trick. What a bunch of fat faced fuck wits!

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. Dalai Lama

The lessons of compassion taught in Buddhism and many other religions, are lost on the people that truly have the power to make such a huge difference to the rest of humanities lives. Greed is winning the war against compassion and this world is slowly falling into a void of total darkness. Call it left wing thinking, call it socialism; the free market is being manipulated by men that are so clever that you’ll work even longer hours and take two jobs just so you can get a tiny taste of the life that they so openly and freely advertise to us, because like fame, extravagance is available to everyone, and the more you push your means to get it, the further you bridge the gap to ever actually being able to touch it.