Mad Men - Season 2, episode 201 Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson courtesy AMCBetween the ages of six and sixteen I actively avoided girls. To me these creatures appeared alien; far different to my sister, as for some reason she always appeared to be normal, well at least most of the time. I expect that having to grow up with four brothers certainly aided in relating to men. I always remember that she had many friends when I was growing up, a mix of both girls and boys, my eldest brother being a mere 3 years older, they would often mix in the same social circles. I also remember from a young age my post 2nd World War Grandmother, with her cemented early 20th century cultural opinions, would express a warning to both myself and my twin brother about how girls should be avoided, as they’re cruel spiteful creatures, that are both vengeful and selfish! Of course, growing up I learnt that such opinions for the most part was nonsense and perhaps even my Grandmother’s attempt to… Well, I actually have no idea what she was trying to do!? Girls will always remain a mystery to me, but with that mystery comes a fascination, as no matter how hard I try to understand them, all that happens is that more questions get raised. Of course, I could express this bug bear to any number of female friends, all of whom would think that I was being sarcastic for it is my automatic nature, or even cruelty, a second nature. But my questions don’t lie with the individual, they lay with the entire female race. My problem? Feminism.

 All animals are equal but only some are more equal than others George Orwell – Animal Farm

vintage-women-ads-1Since the beginning of time women and men have co-existed. But for reasons that are often argued at the various dinner parties of the last century, men have always taken a commanding role. We have been the hunters, the warriors, the forgers and the builders. Women on the otherhand; the mothers, the cleaners and the cooks. The main reason that is often portrayed as to why women have always taken a back seat in building society is to do with their oppression from the various western incarnations of Christianity and the responsibilities from the natural yearnings of motherhood. But it was only in the 1910’s that women had ever kicked up a fuss about the role they play, why did it take them so long, and how come there were no female uprisings when things were really bad for them? Sure, men have been gits to women, using their physical strength and quickness to anger in order to rule them. But, for how long have we had swords or gun powder? If women were so pissed off with their lot in life, why didn’t they take up arms sooner against men when the physical strength was no longer a factor? In a recent survey carried out by the society against domestic abuse 78% of women in a violent relationship admitted to hitting or attacking their partners first. What’s astonishing, is that less than 6% of men conducted in the same survey admitted to hitting them back. liars, perhaps, but nonetheless, women have had so many chances to gain equality in this so called mans world, yet never before in the 20th Century have they attempted to even claim it!

    Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak you will nevertheless  find me a rock that bends to no wind. Elizabeth I 

Queen_Elizabeth_I_from_NPG_(3)The virgin queen of England, is perhaps one of our countries most reared historical figure heads. if it wasn’t for her, most of the English speaking world would have adopted that ridiculous lisp! She defeated the Spanish King and murdered a vast many Catholics, she was considered to be strong and independent and perhaps one of the greatest Monarchs to grace the British throne. So why wasn’t she the first feminist? She had everything, the power of the throne, the position, the respect of her people and the will of God. If she stood up in court and claimed that women were as intelligent as men, surely our world history would have played out for the better? Perhaps I need to be re-educated in such historic affairs. However I am intelligent, and can use the power of reason and logic to come to my penultimate conclusion. I know that many women wont like this or agree with it, and I completely accept such accusations may be interpreted as being sexist. But please, as you read these final paragraphs, instead of allowing them to upset, consider my arguments.

I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that  differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute. Rebecca West 

women yeah!According to the national academics statistics of 2012 less than 20% of the UK’s professors were female. However, 38% of the UK’s doctors that graduated were female. In education, both sexes receive the same amount of resources, in fact, women have a distinct advantage as there are a number of female only scholarships’ that are open to women, for career paths that they are less interested in. The second to last word of that sentence is the basis for my entire conclusion. I personally think that the vast percentage of women, ie enough to have any kind of impact within a particular field, are not interested in discovery, philosophy and  problem solving. Ask yourself; how many girls do you know that enjoy space exploration, or meta physics? That actively subscribe to New Scientist Magazine or enjoy the calculations of strategy? But then, if I asked you how many girls do you know that are interested in fashion and celebrity culture, the answer will be far greater. Women often express that doors are more often than not, closed for them. However in the world of fashion, which was dominated by men up until 200 years ago, you cant escape the number of female designers that graduate from the worlds fashion schools each year. Women own fashion, its theirs and has been for the last 200 years. Based on the mass, women are the bosses of every industry that they statistically have the most amount of interest, and that leads me to my final point. The reason men have ruled over women for so long is because as a whole, they’re interested in a far greater number of subjects that the majority of women have no such interest, unfortunately for women, these subjects are often the ones that have aided us in our advancement as a species, so men are always taking the limelight for such discoveries. I have a vast number of female friends, but only a few of them are interested in politics, science and how the world works or came to be. These friends are considered gems to me. Not because they remind me of my male friends, as such a statement would be sexist! Its quite simply because, their rare and deserve to be celebrated.