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The Perfect System Of The Fat Faced Fuck Wits

My fascination with Buddhist philosophy started with the common teenage misconception that all Buddhists possessed exponential marshal art fighting powers, and that knowledge of their secret teachings would make me the ultimate bad ass! Of course, as I began to... Continue Reading →

Abomination of a Cultural Kind

There is an epidemic that has become an inflection upon certain fathers of the western world’s daughters. To them, it is an innocent thing, born out of love and happiness. A stark contrast for the rest of us, and when... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Bigotry

All my life I have tried desperately to be clever and taken seriously. But much to my own social demise, I am also a bit silly at times and can often fool my far more intellectual counterparts, that enjoy nothing... Continue Reading →

A Narcissistical Mass Of Indulgence

One of the English languages most exciting words is culture. The word cult on its own sounds almost as hard and cutting as that rather favourite profanity, that most East London shaven headed types regularly spit from their toothless mouths.... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Like Space!

Thankfully, it's not often that you'll hear such inane words uttered, unless that is of course if you're unfortunate enough to be caught up in a relationship with a type that requires the constant graces of your charmingly exquisite attention... Continue Reading →

Eve, The Unknown Prophet

I have always had a seasonal diet; root vegetable packed stews and roast dinners during those dreadfully cold London winter months. As spring approaches Italian dishes slowly make their delicious way back to my palette, with the Easter bank holiday... Continue Reading →

A Prosperous Deception

I will never enjoy watching the Walton's. Not for the reason of popular assumption, that the relations between the two older siblings were so uncomfortably flirtatious. Nor to the fact that they lived in a perpetual state of poverty despite... Continue Reading →

Wrath Awaits From Within

There is nothing worse than not having your voice heard. Ask any intelligent teenager that is unfortunate enough to be born into a family of imbeciles that, by simply not being an idiot you're ironically branded as one? This is... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Immutable One

When I reflect on the utter shambles that was my secondary education, all that really tends to stand out was my trying desperately to win the affections of my flavor of the week, which almost always fell upon my Mathematics... Continue Reading →

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